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Windows of Grace Book CoverThe stained-glass windows of St. Paul's are familiar and much-loved fixtures of our church. Most of the windows have been in place for a hundred years or more. The windows' many figures are old friends who greet us at every worship service. They include angels, saints, prophets, disciples, and apostles. We have at least eighteen depictions of Christ. We also have images of ordinary people: children, troubled people, astonished people, and crowds of people, a crowd of over 100 in one window alone.

As much as anything, the windows are treasured works of art. Their glowing hues and moving compositions enhance the beauty of the church. The names of some of the most prominent stained-glass artisans of both England and America are represented. Foremost among them is the celebrated Louis Comfort Tiffany, whose studios have provided us ten windows and one mosaic. Other leading artisans include the English maker Henry Holiday, Lavers & Westlake of London, Lamb Studios, the Gorham Manufacturing Company, the Charles Booth Studio, Franz Mayer of Munich, and the London studio of Heaton, Butler & Bayne.

St. Paul's windows are memorials as well. As such, the windows are constant reminders of former parishioners and other individuals who have contributed to the life of the church, and whose deaths were mourned. 

-- Excerpt from Windows of Grace: A Tribute of Love, a project of the Episcopal Church Women of St. Paul's Episcopal church. Copyright 2004 by St. Paul's Episcopal Church. All Rights Reserved.

NBC12 Tours Tiffany Windows in Richmond

Watch this video for a glimpse of St. Paul's exquisite Tiffany windows, as well as other examples of Tiffany around Richmond. 

A Few of Our Windows

"The Fruit of the Spirit"
Newton-Davenport Window
Tiffany Studios

Installed Ca. 1901
Dedicated to the memory of Mary Heath Davenport Newton (1852-1899) and Eliza Nye Allen Davenport (1819-1889) and Isaac Davenport, Jr. (1815-1896)
Donated by Virginius Newton, husband of Mary Heath Davenport Newton

Newton-Davenport Window

"The Kiss of Charity"
Strother-Buford Window
Tiffany Studios

Installed 1916
Dedicated to the memory of Mary Cameron Ross Buford (1848-1916) and her husbands, Robert Quarles Strother (1844-1873) and Algernon Sidney Buford (1826-1911)
Donated by Elisabeth Strother Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strother, and step-daughter of Algernon Sidney Buford

Strother-Buford Window

"The Angel of Hope"
Ella de Treville Window
Tiffany Studios

Installed 1906
Dedicated to the memory of Ella de Treville (1845-1890)
Donated by Ella de Treville Snelling, daughter of Ella de Treville

Ella de Treville Window

"Jesus Blessing the Children"
Joseph Reid Anderson Window
Tiffany Studios

Installed 1894
Dedicated to the mrmory of Joseph Reid Anderson (1813-1892)
Donated by Joseph Reid Anderson's family

Joseph Reid Anderson Window


Windows of Grace: A Tribute of Love

A project of the Episcopal Church Women of St. Paul's Episcopal Church

The above text and stained-glass window images are from the book Windows of Grace: A Tribute of Love, which is available to purchase at St. Paul's for $15.00 (soft cover) or $25 (hard cover). It can also be viewed for free in the St. Paul's Library, located in the Parish Building.  Free guided tours of St. Paul's Episcopal Church are led on Sunday mornings after the 11:15 am service.  If interested in bringing a group, please call the Church in advance so we can be sure to have someone available!  Weekday tours for groups can also be arranged.  (804) 643-3589

About the Book:

Lyons Burke, Book Committee Chair

Text by Calder Loth

Photographs by Cyane Lowden

Design by Lois Biddison

Research by Myfanwy Hall, Lyons Burke, and Yvonne Gold

Copyright 2004 by St. Paul's Episcopal Church

All rights reserved

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